10 Rom-Coms You Won’t Mind Watching

So you’re a poor college sophomore or a recent college grad and can barely afford to feed yourself, let alone court the cute girl from down the hall. You need a cheap, easy date idea to win her over: Problem solved.  There is only one thing that girls love more than baby animals and that is a good, predictable love story.  Here’s a list of 10 romantic comedies that you’ll not only survive sitting through, but may actually enjoy.  Lets start with a classic…


10.  Say Anything (1989)

Say AnythingIt’s the oldest movie on the list, but it’s here for a reason.  It’s a flashback to your first high school romance – only with jean jackets and Peter Gabriel singing in the background.  Say Anything is the story of an average high school graduate taking a chance on a girl that nobody thinks he should be with, but he feels he can’t be without.  Your girlfriend will get caught up in the seemingly senseless drama of a relationship unfolding while you can sit back and enjoy a movie you can actually relate to.  Warning: be prepared to pump up the romance post-showing, because if you don’t Cusack and his boom box will definitely have you beat.


9.  Crazy Stupid Love (2011)

Crazy Stupid LoveA movie about people of all ages trying to navigate the awkwardness of love and romance, Crazy Stupid Love was a box office hit upon its release in 2011.  The movie has multiple storylines, but the main plot focuses on a middle-aged man (Steve Carell) trying to get his mojo back after his wife asks for a divorce.  He meets a well-groomed, well-dressed bachelor (Ryan Gosling) at the bar while trying to drown his sorrows.  As long as you can accept the fact that your date is only interested in this movie to gawk at a shirtless Ryan Gosling, this comedy is sure to entertain you both.  Not to mention, Kevin Bacon randomly shows up.  Who doesn’t love them some Bacon?


8.  500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer(Spoiler alert) “This is a story of boy meets girl but you should know up front, this is not a love story.”  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a man we love to love, stars opposite Zooey Deschanel in a film more artsy than your typical romantic comedy.  Tom (Gordon-Levitt) falls in love with Summer, a girl who doesn’t believe in love.  The film follows their year and a half long relationship and emphasizes one of life’s most painfully true lessons: sometimes love just doesn’t work out.  500 Days of Summer is definitely not your cliché love story, which is perfect for days that you and your girl are looking for a movie with a little more depth.  A bit of advice… only watch this movie if you’re not afraid to see her cry and you’re open to cuddling after it’s over because every chick I know has cried during this classic.

7.  There’s Something about Mary (1998)

Another oldie but a goodie, There’s Something About Mary is the story of Ted (Ben Stiller) trying to find his long lost love after a horrifying zipper disaster on the night of prom.  He hires a private detective to help find Mary (Cameron Diaz) and everything goes crazy.  The private detective becomes infatuated with Mary as well and craziness ensues as men of all kinds compete for Mary’s love.  Both you and your girl will love the ridiculousness of the events surrounding the pursuit of Mary.



6.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Filmed in 2008 when Russell Brand was still the kind of crazy we could handle, Forgetting Sarah Marshall follows the story of Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) – a super relatable nice guy who gets dumped by his super hot, super-shallow, tv-star girlfriend (Kristen Bell).  Peter decides to take a vacation to Hawaii to ease the pain of the breakup but is greeted by his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, who are staying in the same resort.  Segel, Brand, and Bell are joined by Jonah Hill and Mila Kunis, who round out a cast with the perfect amount of crazy, outrageous, and smoking hot.


5.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

40year oldDo you remember when “You know how I know you’re gay” was a thing?  Well, not only did the phrase come from this movie, but if one of my friends was still a virgin at 40 I would probably think they were a closet-gay, too.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin is the epitome of a young-adult success story as not-so-young Andy (Steve Carell) lays a chick down for the first time in his life.  The movie is filled with characters built without a mental filter, so the comedy is outrageous and sometimes unexpected.  You’ll love the cast, she’ll love the plotline, and both of you will be able to enjoy Andy getting together with a single mom that’s perfect for him.


4.  Knocked Up (2007)

In this film, Seth Rogen’s always stoned, deadbeat character gets crazy lucky at the bar, spends the night with a lady (played by the stunningly beautiful Katherine Heigl), drops the ball (pun intended?) with the condom, and finds out 8 weeks later that he’s going to be a father.  Knocked Up is every sexually active young adult’s worst nightmare, but it makes for a damn good movie.  Your girlfriend will love to see funny guy Seth Rogen get it together and turn into a dad while you’ll love the vulgar jokes by Jonah Hill and all the help you can get imagining Katherine Heigl with no clothes on.


3.  Bridesmaids (2011)

There are few things to dislike about Bridesmaids.  Finally there is a movie about the not-so-pretty ins and outs of wedding rituals, female jealousy, and best friends that is suitable for both men and women.  Every lady that watches Bridesmaids falls in love with Rhodes, while every man should be sure to take notes on how NOT to act when watching Kristin Wiig’s asshole boy toy.  Melissa McCarthy is painfully hilarious and not afraid to “bite you in the ass, just like life.”  The humor in Bridesmaids is far from subtle or dry, as some of the funniest scenes involve Wiig getting plastered on an airplane and McCarthy (and the rest of the wedding party) getting food poisoning at a dress fitting.  You and the GF will laugh, cry from laughing, and probably never eat Brazilian food again.

2. Hitch (2005)

Although Fresh Prince will always be Will Smith’s best role, Hitch is definitely up there.  Our number two Rom Com for guys features Will Smith as a professional bachelor and Kevin James as a man who needs serious help courting a woman that he seemingly has no chance with.  Hitch is certainly a movie that everyone in their right minds has seen before, but watching it again with your date is a good move.  She’ll fall in love with James’ endearing character and beg Sara (Eva Mendes) to take Hitch back while you relish in how white James is and how good Mendes looks in a wetsuit.


1.  Pitch Perfect (2012)

Featuring a more conservative Anna Kendrick than we’ve seen recently (GQ photo shoot), Pitch Perfect is a story about two college a capella teams that compete for all kinds of a capella glory.  If it weren’t for Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Pitch Perfect would basically be a drawn out episode of Glee.  Thankfully, Fat Amy’s blatant disregard for socially appropriate conversation and blatant disrespect for her a-ca-elders turns Pitch Perfect into one hell of a good movie.  Not only are viewers pitch-slapped with refreshing comedy from Wilson, and a decent love story from Kendrick and Skylar Astin, they’re also exposed to a diverse soundtrack with songs from “No Diggity” to “Like a Virgin” and of course… “Cups.”  If you wanted to see it when it came out but didn’t want to be judged, don’t worry: the MickeyBro team has your back.

What’s your favorite romantic comedy to watch with the GF?  Let us know below!


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