Holiday Gifts for Your Fitness Nut

The holiday season is upon us. The pressure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list is mounting. Do you have someone that considers it a compliment being called a gym rat? Someone that is dedicated to being the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. Are you all out of ideas for what to buy this fitness fanatic? Need to add something to your own wish list? Let MickeyBro be your secret Santa this holiday season when shopping for the avid gym goer. Check out our list of gifts on the Holiday Fit Gift List.

Fitness technology combines modern conveniences with the love of optimizing health. The newest advances in the industry are fitness monitors which track your daily and weekly physical activity. Leaps and bounds beyond their outdated origin the pedometer, these minicomputers are capable of tracking distance traveled, recording calories burned, displaying heart rate, and collecting data about sleeping patterns. The monitors usually come in one of three modalities. There are brands that have developed watches, bracelets, and clip on mechanisms. Most of them are able to be synched with an app via your smart phone, tablet, or laptop for a detailed analysis of your results.

Here are some of the top fitness monitors on the market right now according to BusinessWeek.

Basis B1; $199.00



Who’s it for: The innovators at basis focus on helping new exercisers stick to their new regimens and succeed their workout goals. This monitor is perfect for someone looking to remodel themselves physically. The technology is advanced yet simple enough for any novice exerciser to get the most out of the product.

Nike+FuelBand; $149.00



Who’s it for: +FuelBand is for the brand conscious, social athlete. Nike Groups allow users to keep in contact with their workout buddies via the app. If the first thing the person that you are shopping for does after the gym is post to facebook or instagram about the Workout of the Day this is the best monitor for them. Nike has done a great job as always of marketing and designing an aesthetically pleasing model. Unfortunately this monitor has a few technological flaws. I personally suggest waiting around for the FuelBand 2.

Fitbit Flex; $99.95



Who’s it for: The Fitbit Philosophy is to make health a habit one day at a time. This monitor tracks your daily physical activities, allows you to record your diet, analyzes body composition, and measures the quality and quantity of your sleep. Buy this affordable monitor for anyone on your shopping list that wants to have a more complete view of their health and fitness.

Up by Jawbone; $129.00


Who’s it for: Someone who knows no physical boundaries in regards to exercise. The long lasting battery is perfect for forgetful business travelers. A single charge lasts as long as 10 days which is ideal for exercisers that are frequently away from home. This bracelet is the simplest of the featured monitors. Up does not have a monitor to display live data but what it lacks is definitely made up for by its app.

Polar RCX5; $349.95


Who’s it for: Shopping for the typical exerciser forego purchasing this super advanced, waterproof device. However, if you are seeking the ideal gift for an intense aerobically trained stud athlete this is the monitor you need. Polar has been in the game for years and produced the most advanced watch I have come across. Yes the price may seem limitless but so are this devices capabilities. Designed for triathletes the RCX5 personalizes training zones for swimming, cycling, and running. It provides heart rate data even underwater, and allows users to create sport profiles. Buy this for the dedicated aerobic endurance athlete near and dear to your heart.

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