Jimmy V Still Inspires 20 Years After Iconic Speech

Mondays suck. With a new set of days separating you from the weekend, getting out of bed can seem like playing football in an un-forcasted snowstorm. Before you curl up and cry yourself back to sleep, rewatch Jim Valvano’s classic ESPYs speech and get motivated.

“Don’t give up… don’t ever give up!”

Jim Valvano’s memorable words still inspire millions of people around the world, two decades after his 1993 ESPYs speech. In its seventh consecutive year, ESPN’s Jimmy V Week for Cancer Research kicked off last week and will culminate on Tuesday, December 17th. Last year, Jimmy V Week raised $1.6 million, making the six year total $6.5 million. 

If you have yet to watch Valvano’s speech, skip ahead and watch it now, we’ll wait… Now wipe your eyes, get off your ass, and do something with your life. Valvano’s gracious views on life are truly inspiring. Unknowingly two months from his death, Jimmy V urges everyone to live a “full day” complete with laughter, thought, and emotion yielding tears. “That would be one heck of a day.”

So this week, go out and make a difference. Live your life like Jimmy V, because you can’t afford to let days slip by. If you’d like to donate to The V Foundation or learn more about their amazing fundraising efforts, visit JimmyV.org.


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