Masters of Sex… Your Next Guilty Pleasure

In 1956, a nationally renowned fertility specialist met a former nightclub singer. Ten years later, they published a scientific study, which revolutionized our understanding of human sexuality.

Earlier this week, Showtime released the pilot episode of it’s new, provocatively titled series ‘Masters of Sex‘. The show is based on the real-life, controversial research of Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) as they study the nature of human sexual response. The pilot joins Masters and Johnson in the infancy of their relationship, one which lasted well into the 1990s. In the initial phase of their studies, the duo conducted some of the first lab tests dealing in the physiology of human sexual response, much of which was based on direct observation of 794 men and women. Direct observation? This show practically writes itself.

‘Masters of Sex’ is smart, funny, and racy -so if you’re still suffering from that ‘Game of Thrones’ withdrawal, give ‘Masters’ a shot. If you’re sold, you can watch the pilot online here; the series premiere is September 29. If you still need convincing, here’s three reasons to tune in:

1. Lizzy Caplan

Lizzie Caplan

I mean, look at her- Ms. Caplan is gorgeous (she’s come a long way since ‘Mean Girls’). ‘Masters of Sex’ may prove to be Caplan’s break out role as she plays the part of Virginia Johnson. Caplan’s portrayal paints Johnson as a publicly elegant, privately erotic woman who is fiercely ambitious. The real-life Johnson climbed the ranks from lowly secretary to Masters’ wife and partner. A seemingly straightforward role, there is something wildly sexy about Caplan’s portrayal and it’s definitely worth watching.



2. Sex, Sex, and More Sex

SexAlright, it’s true that this show is (obviously) packed with graphic sex scenes, but it isn’t the near-pornographic material that impressed us- it’s how the writers package and deliver such a controversial subject. Unlike shows that cram sex down your throat (i.e. True Blood, Game of Thrones, etc.), there’s something sophisticated and matter-of-fact about the sex in ‘Masters’. Perhaps it is the scientific basis of the series, but the show does a great job of presenting sex as an important piece of the story, not just a distraction from a lacking storyline. Bravo, writers, let’s see if you can keep that up and keep people tuned in.

3. No more Dexter…

dexter8top-710x400If you’re like me, you are seriously distraught about the culmination of ‘Dexter’. Who’s going to die? Is Dexter going to jail? Will he live happily ever after? Something has got to happen and I don’t think it’s going to be pretty. It would be awfully poetic if Dexter killed himself… but then Harrison grows up alone?! Regardless, you need another series to fall in love with and, much like Dexter, many of the actors in ‘Masters’ are relatively unknown and exciting to watch. P.S. If you haven’t watched ‘Dexter’ in it’s entirety, you need to stop what you’re doing and get with the program… seriously.

Watch the pilot here and let us know what you think below!
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