Quiz: Are you sure about your political affiliation?

Near the end of his second term in office, George Washington wrote a letter to the American people evaluating the political landscape in 1796. Among other things, Washington warned against sectionalism in government and illustrated the problems political parties could thrust upon our fledgling nation. Yet, 200 years later, his warning remains unheeded and American politics is ruled by two, opposing sects: the Democratic and Republican parties.

So here we are, lost drifting in an endless sea of blue and red. Conventional wisdom dictates that you’re either an elephant or donkey: you can’t be both. However, a new survey from Esquire-NBC News shows that times are a-changin. According to the bipartisan study conducted in part by leading Republican and Democratic pollsters, 51 percent of voters fall into their “New American Center”.

The survey divides the nation into eight distinct segments: two on the far right (“The Righteous Right” and “The Talk Radio Heads”), two on the far left (“The Bleeding Hearts” and “The Gospel Left”), and four in the middle (“Minivan Moderates,” “The MBA Middle,” “The Pick-up Populists, and “The #WhateverMan”).

Before you declare yourself a Republican because daddy says so, or a Democrat because Bush was mentally challenged, take the interactive quiz below and see where your beliefs truly fall.

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Share your results below! Do you agree with your new found political affiliation?

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