Slim Your Wallet With This Fine Piece of Tech

Every day we turn to technology to make our daily routine just a little bit easier. Wake up to a digital alarm clock, read the news on your tablet, then into your car where you follow a GPS to work. In the early 19oos, credit cards were created to limit the need to carry cash. More than one hundred years later, we’ve traded one demon for another: slaves to the dreaded “bulky wallet”.

Enter Cointhe answer to this modern day conundrum. Developed by an impressive team of engineers, Coin is a device that can store up to eight of your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, or membership cards, all in one convenient place. A button on the device allows you to page through your cards and select which you’d like to use. Coin communicates with your mobile phone via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal, allowing it to alert you when you leave it behind.

All in all Coin is a nifty little piece of tech and promises to be a game changer. Another nice perk? Early adopters can get their Coin for 50 percent off the retail price. So hurry up and order yours; use this link to get your Coin for only $50!  

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