Take Care of Your 32 Best Wingmen – Your Teeth

Gentlemen, your smile can open doors for you – or slam them shut. It is one of the first things people notice about each other and it can say a lot about you. Smiling helps others feel at ease and can help you in a number of different situations. Whether it’s that new job or a date with the girl next door, a great smile gives a big impression on the people you meet, so why not feel confident about showing it? Here are some tips for you to keep your smile looking as sharp as the rest of you:

1. Brush…

Sadly, this has to be the first thing on the list; do it three times a day. One would think it’s common sense, but in case it isn’t, now you know. When I say brush, I mean brush all the sides of your teeth and gums – brushing yours gums can help prevent gingivitis. Add baking soda to help remove light stains your teeth may have.

2. Visit your dentist

As much as we all hate the smell of old people, there are just some things we can’t take care of on our own. There are some spots that are hard to reach and, depending on your diet and genetics, can be easily susceptible to plaque, cavities, and other major health problems. If you haven’t been brushing or flossing properly, a regular cleaning can have your mouth feeling and looking brand new. It’s always easier to take care of a problem before it gets bad, so visit your dentist for a regular cleaning every six months.

3. Pick the right toothpaste

Pick different toothpaste every now and then to see which one works best for your teeth.  If you are looking to brighten your smile and still feel clean, I recommend using Crest 3D White Luxe. Not only does it brighten up and clean your teeth, but it is still anti-cavity and does not leave your teeth feeling sensitive like some other whitening toothpaste can.

4. Try Whitening strips or kits

Whitening strips and kits can be effective if used the right way.  They are a less expensive solution than going to the dentist to get whitening treatments.  Usually the kits that come with a mouthpiece and gel can reach more spots than a strip can. However, the mouthpieces can be really annoying and awkward to work with. Both the strips and kits can occasionally leave your teeth feeling like you just bit into aluminum foil, but they work. Research which kit fits your needs and budget.

5. Visit your dentist… again

If you have extra cash you’re willing to spend, having your teeth professionally whitened will give you fast, long-lasting results that can leave you with a sharp smile. Dentists offer different treatments, so speak to them about price and how the treatments work to make the best decision for you.

 6. Choose the right foods and drinks

To make the most of any whitening products you use, be sure to eat the right foods. Of course, foods and drinks with a lot of sugar can be harmful, but conversely, eating vegetables and greens can help clean off your teeth as you eat. As far as drinks go, try to stick to water or beverages that do not have strong colors and/or carbonation, which can stain and wear away at your enamel. If you can’t resist soda or coffee, use a straw to minimize the contact the drink has with your teeth.

7. Go to an orthodontist

Basically, visit your dentist yet again. Some of us weren’t blessed with the smile of Ryan Seacrest, but braces can make a big difference. Most orthodontists now have clear mouthpiece-like braces that can be taken off and new techniques often require no tooth extractions. Having a straighter set of teeth does not only look good and make you more confident, it will also make brushing a lot easier once the braces are off. It can be a long-term commitment but, in the end, they are worth it.


I hope these tips help give you a more confident and appealing smile. Yes, I did not put flossing on the list, because no matter how much we hear it, how many people actually listen and do it? Also, be sure to brush your tongue to help your breath stay fresher, longer, but that’s another topic we’ll have to revisit. Until next time, stay smooth, gentlemen.


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