The Esquire Network is Taking Over the TV Game

I’ll get straight to the point: The Esquire Network may be the best thing to happen to television since the introduction of color. If you want a one way ticket to my thought process at any given moment, watch Esquire – it’s funny, it’s gritty, it’s stylish, and above all it’s mentally engaging. Long story short, they don’t mess around: Esquire is a no bullshit, no holds barred joy ride along the road less traveled. They have a number of great programming options including series about travel, cooking, style, and more. The network mirrors the popular magazine and it’s motto “to become the common denominator of masculine interests – to be all things to all men.” Here are some of my favorite shows in Esquire’s awesome lineup:

1. The Getaway

The genius of Anthony Bourdain (one of my personal heroes) has yielded yet another kickass travel show. The Getaway follows travel-loving celebrities around the globe as they explore some of the greatest cities on earth. Tag along as cameras follow the likes of Joel McHale, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, the Meyers brothers, and much more as they introduce you to their favorite cities on the planet. The Getaway gives a glimpse of how the locals eat, drink, and have fun. Tune in: Wednesdays 9/8c 



2. Brew Dogs

Owners of the UK’s fastest growing brewery, James Watt and Martin Dickie love beer more than most people love their children. Brew Dogs follows the duo as they travel across the United States to different American beer towns, celebrating distinctive craft beers. What makes this show great is what these two evil-geniuses do once they get to their destination: they develop amazing, locally-inspired drafts. Check out the first episode from San Diego where they combine kelp, rosemary, and chili peppers to create a kickass IPA. Tune in: Tuesdays 10/9c



3. Knife Fight

Question: What’s the one thing missing from every cooking show on television? If you answered a gritty, underground element of anarchism then you will love Knife Fight. Apparently these secret cooking competitions have been a staple in the avant-garde foodie community for years. Join celebrated chef Ilan Hall as he rounds up some of the greatest underground chefs to compete in front of a live, often celebrity riddled, audience. Tune in : Tuesdays 9/8c 



Tune in to the Esquire Network and educate yourself. What’s your favorite show?

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