The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Girl in Your Life

If you’re having trouble thinking of a thoughtful holiday gift for your partner, sister, or mother, have no fear – MickeyBro is here!  We know the holidays are especially tough for men. The NFL season is coming to a close, you’re not having as much sex as you used to (I’m serious, it’s true: Men’s Health agrees) and you’re obligated to go to loads of family Christmas parties where you get harassed for being unmarried and drinking too much.

In order to make December through February a little easier for you, we’ve crafted a holiday shopping guide. It’s broken down by the type of girl you’re shopping for and how much you’ve got to spend.  Use this to help you brainstorm.  The most important part of gift giving is making the gift thoughtful.  As long as you do that, the recipient will love her present regardless of how much you spend!

FashionistaIf you’re shopping for a fashionista…

And she’s a friend or relative, get her a super soft infinity scarf from Nordstrom, or some new liquid sand nail polish from OPI.

And she’s a girl you’ve started dating recently, get her black or brown knee-high boots (these, from ModCloth, are vegan!) or a dress that you’d love to see her in on NYE like this lacy, open-back number from Express.

And she’s your long-term girlfriend or spouse, get her jewelry.  Be creative!  If she wears watches, get her a brown, black or white one – whichever she doesn’t have.  Fossil, Coach, and Michael Kors all make beautiful watches depending on your price range.  She doesn’t wear watches?  I’m sure she wears necklaces or rings.  Something simple and sweet like this arrow pendant from Tiffany & Co., or this custom letter ring available at Catbird will do the trick.

Sporty Girl

If you’re shopping for a sporty girl…

And she’s a friend or relative, get her a yoga mat and yoga videos or a tae bo DVD (before Shaun T, there was Billy Banks).  New workout ideas are an exciting change of pace for athletic girls, and videos allow them to roundhouse kick and downward-facing dog all they want without leaving the comfort of their own home!

And she’s a girl you’ve started dating recently, get her sports bras!  Coming from a runner, sports bras are one of a sporty girl’s favorite types of gear.  Nike has durable, good quality sports bras in cool patterns and colors for a reasonable price!  Not romantic enough for you?  Get her a sports bra AND a push up bra from Victoria’s Secret.  VS has flirty, sexy bras in all different patterns and colors; the only challenge is remembering your woman’s bra size (*Here’s a hint, it’s a letter and a number…. e.g., 32A, 36B, 34C.  You could always just steal a bra from home and ask a sales associate if not sure.)

And she’s your long-term girlfriend or spouse, get her tickets to see her favorite sports team!  In a perfect world, Zach G.’s girlfriend would be as equally obsessed with the NY Jets as he is and he would get her tickets to the AFC Championship game on January 19th.  In a perfect world not only Zach’s girlfriend would love the Jets, but also the Jets would make it to the AFC Championship game.

If her favorite sport isn’t in season, get her a massage at any of these renowned spots in Philly.  Between work, school, and play, the one thing your overactive girl needs is a hot second to relax.  Treat her to a hot stone massage, which will help relieve tension in ways you’re not trained to try.

spiritsgirlIf you’re shopping for a girl who loves the spirits…

And she’s a friend or relative, get her these really awesome towels.  If she loves to cook, and loves to drink while she cooks, these wine pairing towels (available at Uncommon Goods) will clue her in on what wine tastes best with what food.

And she’s a girl you’ve started dating recently, take her to a winery and do a tasting!  There are plenty of awesome deals on sites like LivingSocial and Groupon for wineries in your area.  This tasting at Willow Creek Winery in Cape May, NJ includes “a tasting of five wines, one cheese and artisan bread plate to share, two glasss of sangria…all aboard one of the winery’s eco friendly electric carts.”  At LivingSocial you can get the package for $35, nearly 54% cheaper than its original value.

And she’s your long-term girlfriend or spouse, get her a custom engraved anniversary wine box.  She’ll be astounded by your thoughtfulness and thrilled (hopefully) that you plan on sticking around for the next 3-5 years.  If you’re feeling especially crafty and don’t want to spend $150 on some engraved wood, make your own!  The end product might not look as professional, but will mean more than any store bought box ever would.

Still don’t know what to get?  Post a comment at the bottom – all of us here at MickeyBro would be happy to help you come up with something awesome!

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